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‘Better Than Life’ – exclusive

May 10th, 2007 by Crossfire

As promised, here is the new Death Skateboards trailer for the forthcoming DVD titled ‘Better Than Life’. scheduled for a release in November this year.

We caught up with the boss of doom Nic Zorlac who says:

“It’s gonna be ground breaking (literally!) with full sections from our new pros Patrick Melcher and Zarosh plus of course the inimitamble Richie Jackson, Mark Nicolson, Dan Cates, Rob Smith, Horsey, Carl ‘Potter’ Wilson, Boots and many more. Expect Insane terrain worldwide, tricks you have definitely never seen before, fast times, good times, you know what we like – as far from the 9-5 world as we can get. All the shit that makes skating Better than (normal) life!”

Click the image to load the trailer…or die.


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