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‘Better Than Life’ destroys Harrow!

Last night the brand new Death Skateboards video ‘Better Than Life‘ was served up on the best shit shovel you have ever witnessed.

Nicolson and the crew have edited and filmed another action packed full length thriller featuring the entire UK and overseas riders. Basically, this is going to blow you away as there’s some absolutely sick skateboarding in it from start to finish including every aspect of the whizzplanking shit we all lust for.

I’m not gonna ramble on about who did what as you will sure find out on December 3rd when you buy this from your local skate owned shop but what i will say is that Cates and Steak’s band were the worst in the world which made it the best gig of the year!

Beer was thrown everywhere, Horsey’s feet were cut open, Neil Smith is chief mosh surgeon and only Night Raids will spill the beans on the evidence once my hangover fucks off. Look out for a full gallery feature and Horsey interview in the next 2 days on this shitty web portal.

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