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Artist Paul McCarthy’s $30,000 skateboard deck series


US contemporary artist Paul McCarthy has switched his attentions from rabbits with spaghetti tails and sex toys, to skate art this week, for a new charity based run of decks that should help children in South Africa.

This initiative has been organised by the Belgian based charity crew The Skateroom, who invite artists to be involved in one-off deck runs to raise money to support non-profit projects that empower children through skateboarding and art.

The limited edition deck run features work from McCarthy’s PROPO series that he made between 1972-1983, featuring masks, stuffed animals, dolls and more. Decks are individually priced at €320 (£228.85) limited to runs of 250.

Alternatively if you are flush, the entire series of 10 decks are available as a premium package and comes with one special hand-signed deck. These come packaged in a custom flight case and are ready to assemble and use with wheels, trucks and bolts at a cost of $30,000. Check the case, it’s amazing.

Monies raised will go towards financing the building of Skateistan’s first skate school on the African continent, in central Johannesburg. The vision is for Skateistan South Africa’s skate school to serve as a regional training hub for skateboard-based, youth-development projects.

Head here to order yours and support such an important project.