Are you an unskateable ballbag?

Have you turned into an unskateable ballbag? This new video asks the most important question of 2014.

“Nathan was once a likeable skateboarder with many friends and a promising future. But then he was diagnosed with a serious case of ‘being a ballbag’. Symptoms include compulsively matching everyone else’s tricks, bringing a filmer every time he steps onto a board, and the inability to talk about anyone but himself. Because of embarrassment and social stigma, this disease is often undiagnosed, but if left untreated, as in Nathan’s case, it can lead to the much more serious condition of becoming an ‘unskateable’. Follow Nathan as he courageously fights to recover from this debilitating illness. He won’t do it alone. With the love and support of his family and the efforts of one very special agency he will begin the long struggle back from the brink.”