Antwuan Dixon interview from prison


Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington dropped Baker family member Antwuan Dixon a line in jail for Thrasher this week and spoke to him ahead of his release this summer. He was allegedly arrested initially for violent outburst on a racist guy who was with his kids in his car before tempers and words flared. Antwuan unfortunately failed his probation so was locked up.

“I’m ready to get back to how it was. I’ve been sitting here in this jail cell and I’ve had a long time to think, you know? The way my life was when I was skating everyday—that’s how I want my life to be. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I was doing, what I wasn’t doing and what needs to change. Hopefully, this time when I get out I can show people. Some people know me, but some people just go off what they see or hear without actually meeting me.”

Read the full interview here.