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Antiz in Oregon

We just received a load of amazing photos from the Antiz boys taken during their trip through Oregon. Keeping it real, hotels were only used to charge camera batteries and abuse the authorised number of people per room, food was borrowed from local eateries and David ‘Roest’ Martelleur managed to party for 10 days straight before getting lost all by himself in the wild outback of Oregon.

We anticipate the next Antiz video with bated breath – due to drop sometime around the New Year so music rights can be cleared. In the meantime, here’s a fun list of facts from their trip:

Distance covered – 1800 miles
Number of parks skated – 15
Number of Chicks – 0
Number of dicks – 12
Number of cars – 2
Number of tents – 3
Number of people asleep in a double room – 10
Number of beers drunk – 1483
Number of bags of skunk – 2
Number of stink ass farts – 4883