And the winner of Lords of the Swords 2011 is…

If you have not visited us this weekend you would have missed the most frantic 2 days of voting for the Lords of the Swords 2011 video comp. 9 videos from the road trip comp were hosted on Saturday morning in this feature alongside a gallery of photos from Tom Halliday.

After a huge amount of votes Team DSD have picked up this year’s incredible trophy with their fantastic video edit. Well done to everyone involved that made this year’s comp so special. All of the teams will be getting smashed right now and skating a mini ramp at the Hooga Bar in Chelmsford!

If you are reading this blown away by the togetherness of the Essex skate scene and are inspired to do something similar in your local scene then get in touch with us and we will support it 100%.

Vote results

1st. Team DSD (27%)
2nd. Team Blitzkrieg (24%)
3rd. The Green Team (11%)
4th: The D-Team (10%)
5th. Team Deutschland (8%)
6th.The Zombie Skateboards team (8%)
7th. Monster Network (7%)
8th. Team Pokéfux (4%)
9th. Team Scratch and Sniff (1%)

2 thoughts on “And the winner of Lords of the Swords 2011 is…”

  1. Hi Crossfire team,
    I really enjoyed watching the videos this weekend. It was raining here in southern Germany, though I did get to skate a weird local village park with a 6 foot vert quarter during a dry spell on Saturday which made up for it.
    I rated the DSD video for it’s focus, it’s humour, and it’s humble creativity. A spirt of simple enjoyment, something it seems many of us relate to.
    I’m impressed so many got so involved. I hope it inspires skaters all over to keep it light, keep it going and keep it tight. (Couldn’t resist that last ‘street’ flavoured rhyme)
    All the best for the future,

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