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An update from the ongoing battle of Southbank


The fight to keep Southbank from relocation took a new twist last week with the Long Live Southbank campaign skating onto the steps of Lambeth Town Hall to deliver Councillor Diana Braithwaite over 14,000 individual objections on paper. In the same week, the Southbank Centre admitted that they have decided to delay their plans to push forward with their planning application, bringing a few smiles to the faces involved in the fight as they roll forward with a passionate campaign to keep the history of SB intact.

The Southbank Centre (SC) issued a statement last week, saying: “The Festival Wing project has huge potential to reach out and change the lives of thousands of local children and young people … but we also want our skateboarders and BMXers to continue to think of this as their home. It is for this reason we have asked Lambeth council to allow us more time to review whether our scheme is achieving the very best balance of opportunities for current and future generations, and they have agreed to this.”

The SC have now taken their appeal a little further by reaching out to people walking past the Undercroft in a new sign erected outside the Royal Festival Hall and a new video statement made by Artistic Director Jude Kelly. Also, tendors for the new proposed design underneath the Hungerford Bridge are apparently being prepped as we write this. It’s a strange battle, made up of passion, history, values and pride, but the message is clear. The SC want to work with us, but need everyone to move. Where this loggerhead situation moves to now is up to the Council and partly relies on the Village Green application under the Commons Act of 2006.

Ph: Jenna Selby


The spanner is now locked firmly in place due to the commitment of the LLSB on behalf of skateboarders, where we all go from here is the next chapter. Until more fresh news arrives, listen to what street artist and 80’s southbank skateboarder D*face has to say about the campaign, and await a graff related response in video feature from this Thursday.

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