All This Mayhem – Pappas Brothers film trailer

A new film called All This Mayhem documenting the wild lives of the Pappas Brothers has been made and will be heading to a screening near you shortly.

Tas Pappas and his Brother Ben (RIP) were at the forefront of the Australian skate scene for many years until Ben passed away in 2007 following chaotic times. This film chronicles the brothers’ winding rise to number one and two in the world, touching upon their revolutionary styles, feuds with Tony Hawk, and ingestion of every mood-altering substance going.

Expect interviews with Henry Sanchez, Lance Conklin, Dom Kekich, Bill Weiss and many more alongside hand cam footage of the ups skating with the best, the downs from drug abuse, jail terms and everything else in between.

We went to the London premiere, read the review and Q&A video here.