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Alien Workshop and Habitat RIP?

No official announcement has been made yet but with Gilbert Crockett uploading an image of an Alien funeral to his instagram account and Kerry Getz posting the words below on the same network, it looks as though Alien Workshop is going through some turmoil after 24 years of incredible service – despite a huge effort from Rob Dyrdek to keep it running,

My last box of boards from DNA distribution was all Alien Workshop. I now know why. It’s very sad to see a company like this go out of business that was such a huge part of Skateboarding and the growth of it. I still don’t wanna believe it, but I wish everyone over at the DNA the best and I wanna THANK everyone that was apart of it and anyone who helped me out over the past 14 years. It was an incredible journey and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you!

Skate videographer Bill Weiss also added words on insta this weekend: “Say it ain’t so :( If what in hearing about the Alien Workshop being out of business is true than I’m truly devastated. Workshop is one of the most genuine beautiful things to ever come out of skateboarding led by some of the most caring and real people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and call friends. Say it ain’t so. #alienworkshopfan

With Jason Dill, AVE, Dylan Rieder, Grant Taylor, John Fitzgerald and Donovon Piscopo all leaving AW for pastures new recently, Workshop’s team has been hit hard, and as you can probably imagine, any skateboard company costs a small fortune to run.

The future of AW’s sister company Habitat Skateboards may look brighter since founder and creative director Joe Castrucci posted a Pheonix on this instagram account this weekend. Let’s hope that the Pheonix will rise for both brands and the legacy that they have delivered us over the years is restored and can excite new generations to come.

Please note that until an official announcement has been posted, all of this is pure speculation. Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in what is probably a difficult time right now.

“Say it ain’t so.”

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