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Adidas to push skate shoes.

Ahhh! Little Ms. Sovereign has us all singing along to her Adidas anthem… Well, the company that brought us mad street cred (and blisters to boot!) 10 years ago with their Gazelle and Shelltoe models, is looking to make a comeback on the skate scene!

After a brief stint at sponsoring various Firm riders, and notably Mark Gonzales, Adidas fell off the map and since we’ve been left with swooshes and copycat designs. I’m not sure if you can call this a comeback, seeing as Adidas have always been involved in skateboarding – if only through the Gonz’s feet or those of the Euro team- in any case this might sound Third time lucky.

They aren’t joking around anyway because they have hires Crossfire pal and Skate legend and Photographer, Bryce Kanights (as their main head-hunter.

Can the 3 Stripes live up to the hype..?