31 – Trellick Tower with Nick Jensen


If you’ve ever visited our area of West London and skated Meanwhile Gardens then you will know that Trellick Tower is unmissable on the skyline. Once the sun sets behind Erno Goldfinger’s grand design work from back in 1972, the bottom tier of the bowl there escapes the sunlight from the West and sets into the shadows behind the tower itself.

This Grade II listed building is architecturally one of a kind, attracting those who see gentrification in the area as appealing. The surrounding area, that was once very run down, has become so expensive now that many who were born there are wondering whether gentrification is worth its price as it slowly drives locals elsewhere street by street. Even Goldbourne Road’s cultural mix of market stalls are currently under threat as the council plan to open it up to more boutiques. The spirit of this area is slowly withering away as a result and us locals are having to fight hard to keep its legacy. You can help us by signing this petition.

Local skater Nick Jensen features in this new video looking at the Tower’s past, present and possible future. Great piece of work.