Road Trippin’ with Barney Page

Photo: Switch ollie by Sam McGuire


Exeter’s gifted son, Barney Page has become a seasoned traveler ever since his skateboarding did the talking and catapulted him into the public eye. His presence was seen in Milton Keynes where his journey began as a sponsored skateboarder, and his all-terrain skills have led him around the world since, clocking up many miles and enjoying sessions with the best out there.

Knowing that his ‘Excess Baggage’ footage from his impressive AB&A section dropped today, we invited him for a bite-sized Road Trippin’ feature to share some of his tips from the van.


“Obviously I wouldn’t go anywhere without my Sweet Skateboard, RVCA clothes and RCT Nick Garcia etnies shoes….. and last or not least most important of them all is your wallet and passport. Nothing really matters if you have these two.”


“Try and be stoked on what your doing at the time as it will only happen once. Go with it and let people be your friend. Make life easier!”


“An iPod is always a good one, it’s not just anti-social, it’s social as well! Porno mags are much needed to stick over the van for sure! Haha!”


“One of the most memorable road trips has to be an etnies trip we went on in the US. We all drove up to Colorado from California stopping in different states along on the way. On the way back we had a good 24hr drive. Anyway, we are driving back without stopping to sleep to get back as quickly as possible, a couple people ditch the van to get a flight and the rest of us are driving and driving until the air-conditioning breaks. We end up driving through Nevada (which is the desert in some respects) and instead of cold air coming into the van, the engine pushed hot air through the entire trip and we had no way of turning it off! We also couldn’t open the windows because it was just as hot outside. So, we were all dying in the heat, t-shirts off, sweating and dying on the floor. It was so amazing to get back after that one!”

Photo: FS 180 by Sam McGuire

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