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Worn By Originals

Not heard about Worn By Originals yet? Ok, they are fairly new to me too, but they have a formula behind a good idea and if you love music as much as we do here at Crossfire, then this might be a good introduction to some clothing you can wear out after skating.

Worn By Originals is sort of a T-shirt brand who’s primary focus was to recreate tees worn by musicians during famous periods of their careers. It’s quite a fun concept, because you can rock what your idols were rocking while they were actually rocking. The range includes a Dread Controls tee Worn By Don Letts from The Clash era, Fuck Art Let’s Dance Worn By Madness and all sorts of other gems like the Money neck tee, worn by Ian Brown from The Stone Roses as well as the Falling Skulls tee, worn by Alice Cooper.

The great thing about these tees, is that they are of superior quality, very soft to the touch, stretchy and has an amazing fit. I’m currently rocking the Oscar Wilde tee, Worn By Morrisey and one of their ultra fresh Woodstock tees, both amazing shirts and get good comments everywhere.

They have a vast variety of different T-shirts and sweats to choose from, each with a different representations on the chest and they come with a custom Polaroid style picture which shows the actual T-shirt in it’s prime, so pop over to their site and check out what they have to offer.

Daniel Thomas