Skateboarding Product Reviews

Who? Clothing Gloves

Face the facts out there right now, it’s bloody freezing. To combat this problem I have caved in and reverted to wearing gloves when i’m skating this year. I always thought gloves were for pussy footballers in the summer and not exactly the most needed item first on the wish list of a skateboarder but now i have them i’m not turning back.

Made from simple black cotton and available to buy online for just £5, these gloves from Who? Clothing don’t get in the way, flap about in the wind or make your palms sweat, but just simply provide an extra layer to fight that bitter cold weather on a street sesh.

An alternative to these Welsh wonders is a Peacock pocket warmer made from the heat of lighter fuel inside a platinum-catalyzed glass fibre burner. Simply light your wick, sink into your pocket and keep your bollocks warm for up to 30 hours depending on the size of your tool. Made for skaters too apparently, what a choice.

Davis Spencer