Skateboarding Product Reviews

WeSC Tight Jeans

Well with the weather being of almost biblical proportions at the moment; torrential rain one minute, hailstones and thunder the next, I haven’t actually got round to skating in these WeSC Tight jeans were going to have their first test drive doing some pretty mundane stuff.

First up was nipping down the shops for a pint of milk for teas, which is always the best test for new jeans anyway. Why? Because you have to half-run, half look cool and that ain’t easy in a brand new pair of slim jeans. These WeSC jeans managed it perfectly though, with their slight stretchiness it didn’t feel like someone had wallpapered my legs.

With the brews made, the next test of any good pair of jeans is how well they cope with a Sunday slob and watching telly on the sofa. I’ve got to say, they did remarkably well. Usually with new jeans, and especially these ones, they seem to have that new ‘sheen’ that means there is no friction between your arse and the sofa until you’ve worn them in and the back starts to fray a bit. Not these though. Perfect already, as I didn’t slip straight off onto the floor from my slouched position, and didn’t spill boiling hot tea in my face. Winner.

Finally, the last test for jeans in Britain is the 100-yard dash to Greggs, with the oncoming threat of rain. Make it there and back in time, or get a drenching and spend the rest of the day pulling demin off your crotch. Unfortunately this time, I lost. Rather severely. And ended up completely soaked worrying about how much dye was going to stain my legs, leaving me looking like a Smurph. Well, almost none was the answer. Not only did these sopping-wet jeans not feel that uncomfortable as I contorted myself into the right position to dry them on the radiator without taking them off, they left very little blue colour on my pasty-white twigs.

So all-in-all these WeSC Tight jeans are pretty much amazing for buying milk, drinking tea, watching T4 Sunday and running out to get sausage rolls. And if they can do that without any problems, they must be ridiculously good for skating in too.