Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vox Hewitts

Vox Peter HewittsPeter Hewitt. What a guy, from the first moment he appeared on my radar in 411 33, talking about feeding his addiction to skateboarding by skateboarding hard and fast, I’ve been hooked. He is possibly the most dangerous, on edge skateboarder that ever lived. No one else could walk away from failed mayday at some of those Oregon parks… So anyway moving on from the arse kissing, I was really excited to get a chance to try out the new Vox Hewitts.

Vox is a new company that looked rad from the outset and have an amazing team of underrated rippers that kill any terrain.

When I first got the shoes, I wasn’t too sure how good they’d skate. This was because they were mid tops and looked quite stiffly padded. Hmmmm, I wondered, what would Peter Hewitt do to break his shoes in… I know, he’d go out and drink 20 beers and dance in puddles of piss and puke. So I dragged myself and my friends on a night out. A few hours and half my liver later, the shoes were nice and broken in. Perfect, I love it when a plan comes together…

So next day, skating was on the cards. These shoes truly came into their own after only a day of skating, padded in all the right places, a good amount of support and the midtop wasn’t too restrictive. My feet were happy as a pig in shit. These shoes haven’t left my feet since I got them, they stink now and are finally showing signs of giving up the ghost in the sole department. This is the result of 4 weeks of skating constantly, which involved bombing a lot of hills and foot dragging for control, so is to be expected really.

Overall these shoes have been a great pair, my feet have enjoyed them and so has my skateboarding ability. I’d definitely buy another pair and happily give these shoes 9/10.