Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vox Beerhunter

Take one look at these Beerhunters and tell me you don’t want a pair? GO ON!…See, told you so – silence…

I was the same when they arrived at HQ, i felt the animal in me come to the fore and reach for my shotgun, although we don;t actually have one here at all, but the thought was there all the same.

I suppose you came here looking for an honest opinion? Well let me tell you these ain’t no ordinary skate shoe, oh no. These are Vox and so far this newish company have done a splendid job in bringing proper skate shoes with attitude to a market place that can become stale and boring. My feet with these on explode, i wanna be Hewitt, but as i found out when i arrived to my local bowl, i was still just the same old Chuck that tries his best and wasn’t gifted like the people that ride for companies like Vox. It felt good though until the Back D hung up…

That herringbone tread pattern does a splendid job at the bottom of the vulcanised outsole and my griptape could be felt under my feet which is a must. The suede seems to be lasting out from ollies so far and i was surprised as it’s not the easiest fabric to have on the side of a skate shoe, but as i said, it’s holding out to date.

Overall, these are a winner and to be honest everywhere i have gone people have asked me where i got them. So thanks Vox, i have not been too popular since i came to, taking a whoopee in a phone box on New Years Eve – thanks to you, my life has now changed…

Chuck Bangers