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Volcom Oxford jacket review

volcom_oxford_jacketNeed a jacket that makes you feel amazing? Look no further, but firstly, scroll down below and click play as you need the music to make this review work best.

Done that? OK here we go.

Volcom’s Oxford Jacket loved me and left me this month. She arrived in the post at the end of May and fit like a glove- tailored perfectly to make my appearance look smart for the first time in ages. It was exactly what I needed at the time. A jacket that could deal with the summer nights, light weight with pockets inside and out to deal with the usual electrical gadgets I ship around my stupid life daily.

I had fallen for her curves, I had fallen for the the punk rock inner lining and her abililty to make me feel like i was being noticed for the first time in a while. I was wearing her when I met a beautiful girl in the park one afternoon. She walked past a rose bush at the ice cream parlour to pat my lovely woofer on the head, then kissed his little nose and told me he was the most amazing dog she had ever met. I asked her if she wanted an ice cream but she was with friends. I guessed she was actually being polite and probably had boyfriend. She was stunning so there’s no way she could have been single. The next day I returned to the park for another walk. She was there again and alone this time so I bought her a drink and we exchanged numbers.volcom_oxford_jacket_inner_lining

I lucked out. She was single, and thankfully we fell in love pretty quickly. After the first week I noticed that she adored my Oxford jacket. She would prune the bobbles that appeared on the elastic cuffs, she took it to the dry cleaners once every 2 weeks and used to wear it whenever it wasn’t on my back. We booked a holiday to Greece after dating for a month. My bag didn’t arrive at the airport so it was not the ideal welcome to another country but thankfully the jacket was there with us to meet the 42′ heat. She still looked good on the ferry though, hooked over my shoulder, enjoying every breeze that caught her 65% polyester and 35% cotton charcoal heather appearance. It was here that our love was torn apart. The jacket was unfortunately left on the boat. My mind has wandered. She is probably being worn by a Greek ferry worker as you read this. He is probably fingering the zip that I loved the most, fastening the buttons that joined the collar and warming his hands in he pockets I loved resting my hands in. It’s soul destroying and I never quite recovered from the loss.

My new girlfriend left me shortly after the jacket disappeared. Not even the dog could convince her to stay. She is probably back in Greece right now having a cold beer and some seafood with a local who looks amazing in his new Volcom threads, whilst i’m here pining for the best jacket I have ever owned. Purchase one of these today as it could change your life.