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Volcom Cuff Beanie

This week, Autumn finally kicked in and it looks likely that from here onwards Winter is going to become a reality. This morning more than any other day this year, I felt the cold on the way to our office but thankfully Volcom had sent a bunch of their Fall collection to help battle the elements.

The Volcom Cuff Beanie is straight up, seafaring standard headwear. Available in black, navy, olive (pictured) and bright orange, Volcom’s latest beanies are simple, warm and efficient when dealing with the freezing cold fog that we are destined to experience soon. The Cuff is branded on both sides, so if you don’t fancy the long, worded logo on one side of it, then you will be more than happy to rock the small Stone on the flipside. If you like your branding then you will love this for the choice.

This double fold, knit rib beanie comes in one size, so if your head is like Chunk from the Goonies or even if you are rocking a giant potato like Sloth’s from the same movie, you know it will fit fine. For around £20, one of these is well worth thinking about owning this winter. Available right now in your local skate shop.