Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vans TNT – Skate Rock Slip On

I used to ride a BMX when i was a kid and these slip on Vans were all you could get.

Back then they were made for BMX, in fact if you did not have a pair, you were probably wearing a pair of Dunlop Greenflash and were seen as unscene. Funny that 20 years on you could be wearing either and be seen as ‘fashionable’.

The designs of these classic slip on Vans have not changed that much. The materials have though and they are now very comfortable and are built to skate in. Basically when these were slipped on around my tootsies, I could hear each toe let out a small gush of happiness.

These Tony Trujillo Slip On’s are Thrasher branded and roll with the Skate Rock logo on the back heel. Get hesh with the classics at

Chuck Bangers