Skateboarding Product Reviews


I’ve have several pairs of Vans through my skateboarding reign and have to admit that even though they sell enough weird shit to comfort emo’s, they still rock a good skate shoe and the quality speaks for itself!

I’m on my second pair of TNT’s and thought it would be good to review these skonz after I killed both pairs, giving them a decent run and coming up with a full flavoured opinion about both pairs and how they differentiate.

Truth be told, my first pair was love and first sight, all black, really thin, skinny tongue and beautifully crafted. They we’re cruisers, flippers, carvers and techies all in one, with the best part being, they fucking lasted me longer than any other skate shoe I’ve had in the past 5 years! The second pair was slightly less of a desirable object to look at, but nonetheless, these bastards played the part and played it well. They came to the races fully prepared and ran the same distance with heavy obstacles along the way. They we’re slightly less skinny than the previous ones, but they were still pretty much the same shoe with the same results all the way through.

I’ve been told by many a Van Fan that this is they’re weapon of choice too and therefore I can conclude that these shoes wont let you down and they certainly wont break the bank either. They’re fairly cheap as far as skate shoes are concerned, but you won’t feel out of place when you rock them to a club or pub, they’re the perfect all rounder.

I guarantee you’ll be happy with these and remember, Vans will probably still be around years and years to come, long after the newspapers finally kills Dianna’s death off for good…or maybe not, that shit will probably sell for another couple of centuries too…Idiots.

Live FAST, Ride FAST