Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vans – AV Era

Vans have bounced back with a new selection of shoes, team riders and energy based on the foundation that has spawned the birth of many competitors to take the basic theories the waffle soled leaders invented.

Anthony Van Engelen joined the team and the AV Era was born. His presence on the team was worldwide skate news and the shoe that followed his arrival is second to none, giving skaters a very comfortable and secure shoe that adapts to all environments.

The AV Era comes packed with support from the first time you pop them onto your feet and proves that although the classics also have a new wave of comfortability, the new wave of Vans is taking history to the fore and delivering to a new Era.

The AV Era packs heel support and grip to maximum effect for skateboarding use and can also be quite a wizard on the dancefloor for your out of skateboarding hours fun. Add the fact that the suede appearance is actually stronger than most shoes you would have skated in, you have a model here that should be tried and tested for yourself once you read this review.

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Chuck Bangers