Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vans Av Cords

I like cords, in fact, I spent most of my skateboarding past time in cords due to they’re easy feel and well, stylish appeal. I enjoy being comfortable when I cruise, I don’t like looking like a gangsta with tracksuit bottoms that slides down my arsehole and covers majority of my shoes! Jeans I like, but I prefer sleeping in boxer shorts opposed to PJ bottoms if you know what I mean, total freedom, which makes cords my preferred Johnson cover when skating.

Vans have a great line of apparel these days and like other well established skate companies, they keep pushing the envelope for better products and have a mammoth following based on they’re eagerness to please the consumer.

These cords a slightly on the slim side, but not leg huggers, so your balls are safe! They’re not flared or baggy, just a nice, relaxed, yet slim looking pant. They feature your standard 5 pocket design, a tonal distressed checkerboard print on your ass and is made with a bit of stretch (98% cotton 2 % stretch) for those ‘daniel son‘ flips we all strive for. I’ve spent a lot of time on my knees and ass for that matter and have to say they’re not torn yet, so I’m only to assume that the quality is as high as they come.

They’re not expensive either, so make sure you’re geared up for this summer, cords are cooler than jeans, trust me, I wrote that one!

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