Skateboarding Product Reviews

Thunder Lows

I’ve skated Thunder lows for well over 5 years now and so very much converted and bias. When thinking about it though, what makes a truck worthy of a repeat purchase or a venture into a new turning or grinding realm?

This is it, the very subtle differences in grind ability and turning circle. If it ain’t grinding, the way I see it, you ain’t going fast enough. So, that just leaves us with the comfort factor of turning circle.

Although a very subtle thing, the turning circle could mean the difference between life and death. Think Naval warfare in the age of the sail, the reliance on maintaining advantage due to positioning. The ‘line’ was the usual choice of formation, one large flagship, say HMS Victory; Nelsons flagship, behind the other. The more nimble, faster small ships would rush out first, assessing the location of the enemy fleet and its movements. The line of flagships goal was to cross in front and upwind of their enemy, to cross the T as it was called, so that each ship in the line could discharge its full fire on the enemy fleet, and with HMS Victory housing 106 smooth bore cannons it gunna smart!

So, ultimately: Big Guns use Big turning circles.

Use this information as you will, but all I know is that Thunder Lows grind, turn and last. With the addition of a hollow king pin and a black and gold paint job they would be considered ‘booty’.

ARRRRGGGHHHHH. See for more pieces.

Robin Hayes