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Think Skateboards: 8-Bit Tag Deck

Think Skateboards are a company that in the past have sponsored some of skateboarding’s finest riders that include Dan Drehobl, Pat Duffy and Birmingham’s new favourite skater Lizard King. Think have re-launched their team recently and Think is now home to many ex-City riders with a banging new promo so things are looking up in general and rightly so.

When this arrived through the post I opened it up to find potentially my favourite skate graphic ever. Think have been inspired by Nintendo’s 1981 smash hit ‘Donkey Kong’ for this model and this was an instant win for myself- a self-proclaimed video game geek. For me this couldn’t have come at a better time, a week off work and not much to do so I headed down to some of the Black Country’s finest parks and gave it a test drive.

The board’s a perfect size for me personally coming in at 8″-31.75″. The width making it a lot easier for my feet to find the thing to land on. A few hours later and my conclusion was that it was more than good enough for the early grabs and crack nollies that I was going to use it for. This 8-Bit Tag deck comes with a medium concave and holds up strong enough for Dave Bachinsky to Kickflip off the Eiffel Tower; all thanks the Deluxe wood it was made with.

If that doesn’t cut the butter for you then feel free to let the Think team do the talking in their latest promo whilst I nerd out on some 8-bit video game action!