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Spitfire X Skateistan wheels


If you are thinking about picking up a new set of wheels for your rig this month look no further than this Spitfire X Skateistan collab, as the cause is more important than ever. Skateistan’s battle to get people rolling in Afghanistan in between mindless wars caused by greedy governments trying to take control of their country has been ongoing for decades. Their people deserve more, the children deserve everything and we can all do our bit to take their minds off the bombardments and enjoy a fun filled life, on a deck.

Pick up a set in Skateistan’s online shop this month. 100% of proceeds going towards Skateistan’s sport and education programs for youth. These 53mm wheels, designed by Lance Mountain, are also available in stores worldwide and come as Spitfire Formula Four 99 duro wheels with flatspot resistance. Ride the fire, help those in need.