Skateboarding Product Reviews

Spitfire – Stu Graham 54mm

Firstly, I think this is the first set of coloured wheels i have ridden since my G bones back in the eighties. There is something odd about coloured wheels but this bloody eighties revival has brought them all back!

Anyway, after two sessions, one on wood and one on concrete, here is my verdict: These Spitfires are 54 mm, so bigger than i am used to but the size gives you a nice fast ride and they are not rock hard so they are real smooth. The sidewalls have very little camber, so that means rail tricks etc really lock in, but this can feel wierd for popping out early from rails. They are definitely better suited for concrete bowls, curves and those raw street spots that you always say “come back here with soft wheels” and are probably not the greatest for tech skating.

All flip tricks seem to have an odd balance, but saying that, it only took me 5 minutes to get used to. These demons are pretty grippy due to the medium durometer, which makes for a solid smooth ride. after riding loads of Spitfires before i suspect these will be the same, long lasting and making me smile.

So the bottom line is this. If you wannna carve up a pool, hit a rough old spot or relive the eighties, then these are for you!

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