Skateboarding Product Reviews

Spitfire Classic Wheels

I think the importance of good skate wheels has been neglected these days… Most companies don’t bother to state the durometer factor of their product, and when someone introduces a new gimmick like cores or something (luckily the one bearing wheel was a one-off!), you can bet your set-up the others will soon follow. Spitfire Wheels actually care about what you ride and you can feel it when you set up a set of their rollers.

I received these Classics and gave them a thorough testing. This involved bombing hills, skating bowls, ledges, manuals, asphalt, paving stones, wood- The whole nine. I got a brief scare when I leant my board to an old schooler who only one trick- the powerslide! I thought I had a flatspot, but this soon disappeared.So, after a good thrashing the Spitfire Classics did one thing – Get smaller.

These aren’t the hardest wheels on the market but that translates as more grip when the speed increases. So if you are an all terrain vehicle that likes to push the boat out speed wise, you might be very interested in checking out a set of these.

9/10 – Nothing’s perfect.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis