Skateboarding Product Reviews

Santa Cruz Justin Strubing Strubacca 7.9″ x 31.7″ Powerply

Ok first of all, due to me being a Star Wars fan, this board is pretty awesome! I mean I’m not the type of person who is going to keep it in its wrapping and place it neatly on a display shelf with all my Storm Trooper figures, badges, die cast AT-ATs or my Millennium Falcon Lego, but I like Star Wars, so looking down at a picture of Chewbacca holding a beer did make me chuckle.

I took this board to Holland with Moose and the boys and had the pleasure of setting up fresh wood to skate the Area 51 park in Eindhoven. Let me tell you the pop was so good that it felt like I had harnessed the power of the force and it was strong in me. Some might argue that it was the Santa Cruz Powerply giving me that pop, but I was the one feeling like a Jedi leaping over imaginary logs on Endor in order to save the princess so I will write what I like.

It was solid to skate and really felt like it was going stay on my feet. Nice concave, which is how I like it, and a really nice shape. It wasn’t completely symmetrical as in nose and tail size but I did have to ‘dick the nose’ so as to save confusion at first. After returning home from wood park heaven I also tested this board out at Stockwell, a place I regularly skate so this was a better testing ground. It was as cold as Hoth in Empire Strikes Back but it held up really well against the cold UK winter and unforgiving concrete, I felt totally at home on it and it felt right – like a damn good skateboard should.

If you are looking for a new board to skate then this is it and if you are looking for something to treasure and polish in your den of George Lucas then also a win. It’s also worth noting that the deck comes with a PowerWarranty. All Santa Cruz decks come with a 120-day warranty covering delamination due to materials and/or workmanship. Try one, you will not be disappointed.