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Review: OJ Wheels Street Razor 53mm

Back in the day, OJ Wheels made the best urethane in town, so it was with open arms that we welcomed them back into the limelight, as their recent resurgence – complete with new riders aplenty – resulted in an online presence as instantly reliable as their name was back when it was all fields and shops were closed on sundays. The wealth of experience OJ have making quality urethane makes the brand one of the most trustworthy names in the wheel-making game. We were given a pair of 53mm (also known as the optimum size for getting radical) Street Razors to cruise and bruise on, a set of wheels with a reputation for being many a skaters favourite wheel in the late 80s. Sadly I was too busy rolling on whatever urethane Mothercare made their pushchair wheels on back then to compare results now, but the buzz on the new formula was too much not to be stoked all the same.

I’m sure some of you would wonder why a company so reknowned for making the best ‘thane in game would change a tried and tested formula. Well, for once it’s not the fault of ridiculous transient trends (although the sizes available suggest otherwise), but the US Environmental Protection Agency simply doesn’t let that traditional shit slide in the land of green and machine. The good news is that when OJ are brought into a new arena, they pack a mean punch. Coming in at a slick 99a durometer, OJ’s design permits for a smooth slide solid enough to satisfy any powerslide activist while not compromising on flatspot defence. Wheels are my most frequently purchased piece of hardware (sod the steps, I slide with the best!) and these have proven to be a reliably durable set that go easy on the bank too. Top shelf urethane since before I was born… they still got it.


Check them out in action in this rad clip featuring the unmistakable stylings of Jason ‘The Kid’ Adams.