Skateboarding Product Reviews

Real Skateboard by Obey Giant 7.81″

Dude, when somebody gives you a skateboard so limited that only 500 of them were produced, you say thank you very much, buy some Jessup tape and you set that bastard up quicker than you can do uncle Ben’s rice in a microwave. The artwork is cute and all, but it’s a piece of wood at the end of the day and it was made to ride and slide, not to wall mount and dollar count.

This board is, like any other real board I’ve had, fucking amazing! It took me two sessions to find my feet, but it is such a rad board once you’re settled in to it, it will definitely have you grinning for more and more. We strive to find that happy shape, you know, perfect tail, sweet nose and short in height (my specs of course); that’s exactly what this baby does for me, it just sits right. There’s not a lot of concave either and it’s a surprisingly light piece of wood too. I had an obsession with Cairo Foster’s Real‘s back in the day, they were perfect and I ended buying like 5 of them. To this day, I have no regrets about my moment of madness, just happy inner peace and of course that great feeling of ‘I told you so, now fuck off!’!

Deluxe wood seems to be the ones I enjoy most these days and it definitely has a lot to do with a skateboarding attitude, opposed to an ebayers gold mind. The shapes are brilliant, the size is perfect and the wood is cracking (not literally!). It’s a great graphic too, but hey, the artwork’s long gone and the board still kills concrete everywhere. Think mine was like 163 / 500, oh well, hope the other 499 boards made it out of the cellophane and onto the open road; it would be a shame to waste your road tax by keeping that baby under wraps.

The board comes with some free stuff too, stickers, stencil, DVD etc, so it’s not a bad buy if you think about it.