Skateboarding Product Reviews

Real – Ramondetta 8.02′ x 31.75′

Stairway to Hell? Stairway to Heaven is more like it…I am going to keep this really simple for those of you out there that have not yet had the insight to ride a Real board yet. BUY THIS BOARD!!!!!!!!

This has to be my favourite ride of the last two years. Super solid snappy crisp wood with a clean rounded nose and a concave that holds your feet so in place it’s stupid. This is one of those boards that make you skate like you mean it, the width gives you that little bit of extra confidence when it comes to hanging on and stomping a trick. I know 8 inches can be considered wide for some people, but it flips like a dream, never over flipping like a 7.5, which is always the case for me when I ride anything smaller.

The graphic is as current as it gets with a nod to Led Zeppelin, just in time for their reunion gig, which unless you are a forty something banker with a spare £3500 plus you could have seen these legends peel back the years and be part of this historical gig at the O2 center in London. However if I had £3500 spare I would blow all of it on 64 of these beauties and I guarantee you will find a whole lotta love.