Skateboarding Product Reviews

Quiksilver Justin Brock Chino

To celebrate Justin Brock turning pro in 2009 Quiksilver released a limited edition chino. I am quite the chino man myself, so I was delighted to receive a pair of these! You can’t go wrong with a classic like this. They are smart but casual, wear them to your Nan’s birthday party or down to your local skatepark and you won’t feel out of place.

These chinos are a straight fit with side cut deep pockets. They also come with a swatch of extra material in case of any patch ups, which I must say won’t be needed. Well, not this week. I was skating home a bit drunk late last week, when I hit some rumble strips causing me to leave my board, become airborne and simultaneously collect some sizeable scabs on my knees, elbow and shoulder. The good news is that not even a scuff was left on these, so maybe worth considering that fact alone before shopping at your local skate shop.

Matthew Bromley