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Polar Skateboards Cut-Out team deck

Cut-Out Team Red (8″ x 32″)

Polar Skateboards is the brand new brainchild of Swedish über-skater Pontus Alv. Pontus has already established himself as a freethinking individual with his numerous cinematographic and cement mixed solo projects. It was only natural for someone with such an abundance of talent to push the “Do-it-yourself” ethic into a fully-fledged business. I’m not sure business is the right word though because Polar Skateboards is definitely focused on the aesthetic value of its products and team riders more than the simple profitability. That said, the Cut-Out Red team board I have been riding recently is worth every penny, kroner or cent on the tag.

Already, the graphic is great taking inspiration from French modern artist Henri Matisse with statuesque silhouettes laid from nose to tail. See the Blue Nude II for inspiration. Pontus has taken a bold step in his art direction and the use of bright colour and simple imagery places his product head and shoulders above the usual hogwash of cartoons and skulls that emblazon a lot of mainstream board company decks these days.

Pontus likes to ride everything so the Polar boards come with enough concave to carry your board and body over the steepest wallies and roughest surfaces. The nose of this particular model is rounded off to exactly 7 inches with the tail running just shy of 6.5 inches, which makes it easy to handle either way around. I imagine poor weather conditions were on his mind when Pontus went looking for the best manufacturer for Polar boards. The board was pressed in Germany and has so far withheld the terrible damp of winter and the brunt of unfortunate cracks in the pavement.

Check out Polar Skateboards at or via Pontus’ blog.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis