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Plan B – Pat Duffy

Ashbury Series

One good turn deserves another so I finally got round to keeping my end of the bargain and reviewing a board for Zac – The Plan B Pat Duffy. The Ashbury series 7.5, the choice size for a tech wizard such as myself, well, to be honest it’s the size I like to ride, but my tech skills aren’t what they used to be and I thought seeing as the first Plan B board I had some 10-11 years ago was a Pat Duffy, I could perhaps in someway rekindle my youth and maybe some of those lost tricks.

For starters as with any Plan B board past and present. It is solid as fuck, this baby has smashed head-on to corners of ledges with out splitting or even denting the wood. The shape is a pretty standard lollystick style with a clean 6.5 rounded nose 6.0 tail, not to much in terms of concave, which initially took a little getting used to as the board I was riding before was super deep, however, my mind was soon in tune with this

The board felt light and snappy and I was almost 15 again feeling the board pop right every time, leaving me wanting to skate more street than I have in some time, I will say if you like a board graphic that has a punch in the colour department then this is clearly not one for the faint hearted with its bright pink/yellow colour tone.

It seems the most daring of the colour tones for the Ashbury series and the graphic style is the same for all the other Plan B pros in this series with a good range of colour styles. We all know Pat Duffy was one of the first innovators in balls out big handrail skating, but I am not sure if a 7.5 would hold onto your feet for a backlip down a huge rail in the rain, but It will be a pleasure to ride.

On the other hand I hear Pat Duffy has some seriously big Hospital bills due to a knee spitting slam on Bob Burnquist Vert ramp. Any extra cash could go to his beer recovery fund which is all important to any professional athlete.

Buy Plan B, get great board, get Pat drunk, simple really.