Skateboarding Product Reviews

Nobis Winter headwear selection

Now there are the select few (like myself) where hats just do not suit you. No matter how good they look on the stand, it still looks like your head’s the landing pad for some kind of extra terrestrial activity, which is where Nobis come in handy. They’ve come away from the norm to present you with hats with a slight tweak and their own sense of style, giving those with lesser gifted shaped heads just that bit more choice.


The Teabag seems to be aesthetically pleasing in the way that it’s almost like a mix between a beanie, deer hat and a peaked cap, as well as being quite functional. It has fleece inside which keeps your ears nice and toastie and has a removable bobble, just in case it’s just one of those non bobble days that we all get.

I would say this is an ideal hat for someone who skates or snowboards as it’s a snug fit and doesn’t have a lot of faff going on that will obscure you from landing a trick.

Mr Sunday

At first glance Mr Sunday just looks like another flexi fit cap with a classic print on the underside of the peak, but when you look closer you do find it is a rather clever invention.

Have you ever had a fitted cap that just stretches over time? Or had a mate with an over sized head try on your hat and ultimately you’re left with a loosely ‘fitted’ hat on your head? Well fear not for Nobis have come up with the idea of a micro adjustment dial, and for those of you who aren’t hat tech savvy, it’s basically a superb knob on the side of the hat which allows you to tighten or loosen the fit of your hat meaning it give you a personalised fit. It’s genius invention…and it works.


The Debbie has to be one of my favourites. To put it in simple terms; it’s a big knitted hood. 2-ply chunky, yet light weight hood which buttons down. I can see this being a win for the ladies as it keeps your head warm and doesn’t have the problem of blowing off your head in the wind.

It has a satin print in the center front which gives it a feminine touch and has a heavy knit look which is this seasons next big thing. I would say you’d have to wear it with similar looking jumpers/coats as you might end up looking like a modern day granny!

All in all, it seems as though Nobis, as any other good company, is trying to appeal to a wide audience with some good designs as well using recycled materials in some of their products. I think some of their hats personally, are hit and miss, but we’re not all perfect. I definitely recommend checking out their website and having a good look at their range for yourself this winter as you may just find something for you there.

Samantha Bruce