Skateboarding Product Reviews

New! Nollie Fragrance


Been working on your nollie game all year and it just ain’t working out? Need something extra to assist you with that front foot pop? No worries, kill off that Drake face with Nollie, the new fragrance for skaters worldwide engineered from the billion dollar labs of your favourite sports brand company.

Just one spray should answer your calls for the perfect steezy nollie supplying extreme crack, gully man height and even a bolts-as-fuck landing. Put your feet up, roll a zoot, then order two today on your phone and get one absolutely free. You will be as stoked as this man in seconds.

Coming soon! Switch Perfume. Suffering from pushing into your switch tricks mongo kid? Have no fear, our labs are here. Pre-order our latest magic blend of radness with our 50% off special offer here whilst stocks last.

Our motto: Why be just a skateboarder when can become an athlete? Sign up now ahead of the Olympics.