Skateboarding Product Reviews

Matix Warsaw Jacket

Ok, it’s freezing cold outside but thankfully Matix got it covered with the Warsaw Jacket.

This is a total no-fear of the cold job here; the plaid cotton lining keeps the heat in, while the heavy twill keeps the cold out. Matix Clothing have always had a penchant for quality, durable fabrics and this jacket is no exception to this – alongside quality, attention to detail never escapes them either, this jacket has some nice discreet embroidery and a helpful wallet pocket in the chest and snap pockets where you need’em.

Freezing breeze off the river at South Bank? No problem. Pouring it down and putting off going to the indoor car park for that post game of skate? Just zip up and get going, you will arrive there toasty warm ready to bust out your repertoire.


Phil Procter