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Matix – Chico Brenes ‘Cheeks’ Flannel shirt

I once came across a porno mag called Lumberjackoff in Amsterdam a few years ago. It was a gay publication for men and had 2 ‘hunks’ on the front cover. One of the dudes was leg up on a log, the other holding said man’s piece whilst licking on some hairy balls.

It’s true to say that this put me off the job of logging somewhat and since that day Lumberjack shirts were not on my agenda…until now.

When I was sent this shirt for the sole purpose of reviewing for this wonderful website the first touch sent my senses tingling. The sheer softness of the fabric is like the first time you feel a kitten, seriously, it’s that soft! I put this on and felt like i was wrapped in cat fur!

That very night, I wore my new red and black friend to a club. My chat up line all night was ‘feel this, it’s made from Canadian cat fur and is softer than a puppy’, the responses after a quick stroke were in agreement with my statement but unfortunately I went home alone.

The moral to this story is that Chico Brenes cheeky flannel shirt may not get you laid with the opposite sex but i’m telling you now that you will not trade it once you have it on your back for any woman! It’s also worth noting that if you have a favourite squeeze at home, don’t expect to get your Matix shirt back whatsoever but at the end of the day it’s well worth the risk!

Emilio Gonzales

This shirt is also part of a shoe collab with DVS, click here to view the kicks.