Skateboarding Product Reviews

Matix Asher Baller Jacket

I spent all my nights wishing upon a star for some snow. I closed my eyes real tight and forced the wish out into the sky. This carried on for nights and nights until one day I woke up and looked out of my window to see the entire garden covered in snow, so I ran into the garden and started building my snowman.

Everything was going brilliantly until I realized the carrot I wanted to use for his nose was out of my financial reach because the bastard thieving supermarkets are charging me triple price just because it’s organic. Of course it’s organic you mugs, it’s a VEGETABLE!

Ranting and raving in the garden, I had plenty to say to whoever would listen and carried on berating the world until my snowman was nothing more than a puddle that was soaking through my slippers. What is the importance of this introduction? Well, standing out in the bloody cold wind, I was able to withstand the sub-freezing temperatures thanks in no small part to the Matix jacket I was wearing.

Ok, so the snow might not have been real, but the temperature was and having a nice big hooded jacket with heat-trapping lining meant that I wasn’t as blue as a smurf before reaching the end of my street. The hood means the back of my head was kept warm as well as looking the part bopping down the road.

Matix have proved time and again that they know how to stitch together some banging clothes and this jacket it no exception. There’s not likely to be tropical scenes in the UK for a good few months yet, so cover yourself with this and boycott those organic carrots once and for all!