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Loud Headphones Party Horn

partyhorn_LOUDGoing on a skate trip this summer? Have an iPhone in your pocket loaded with tunes? We were sent one of these little silicone contraptions last month from LOUD and have chucked it in the bag on various trips now to see if it was an addition that made sense.

This will only work for those who don’t like to lug about speakers that weigh them down – the light traveller who doesn’t analyse quality of music too much and who rocks up to a spot with barely nothing to their name, because the Party Horn is a small, pocket sized, bendy piece of rubber that your iPhone (or iPod) sits in an acts as a speaker. It’s not plugged in, there are no wires, it just hoofs out the sound of your tunes through a wider channel and gives you more than you would get from your shitty iPhone speakers.

It’s actually a genius idea. The most basic needs in life are just that. Don’t expect the bassline of Dead Prez’s ‘It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop’ to suddenly blow up the room once this is set up, as it simply gives you more from your direct source and doesn’t amplify bass like an electrical appliance would, but this perfect little pocket horn is just the ticket for amplifying the party if nobody else gave a shit for packing some speakers. Perfect for tents, hotel rooms, outside at a park, bowl or street spot and run and owned by skater Mike Anderson.

Money from the sales of these also go towards Loud’s ‘Hear No Evil Project’ and the ‘Let Them Hear Foundation‘ benefiting the hearing impaired as you can see in this clip. Grab one today and support the cause.

Loud Mails First Donation Check to Let Them Hear from Loudheadphones on Vimeo.