Skateboarding Product Reviews

Listen Team Edition 7.75″ deck

Now usually being a fan of the wider plank, this Listen deck had me tempted back to a skinnier stick because the shape and concave looked absolutely perfect. Still though, my gigantic feet were not happy about it at first and I put off setting this deck up for a while.

Then, late one night, I heard a tiny voice in the distance calling my name. “Mooooose. Oh Mooooooose!”. Stumbling out of bed to track down this voice, I blearily found where it was coming from. The Listen deck was talking, I shit you not. I picked it up, put it to my ear to hear it’s little whimperings, when it suddenly shouted “SKATE ME YOU PRICK!”

And no wonder it was angry. This deck shouldn’t be left unskated as it’s amazing. You know when it takes you a few ollies and flips to work out the geometry of a board? Not this one. You bolt your trucks on it, find your shoes and go. Being a little slimmer, it felt quick, responsive and the smallest toe-dab sent it spinning around ready to slap back into your feet. Yes, that’s right. It makes you do flips without even trying. Fuck knows how good it would be if I was actually putting any effort in.

The graphic ain’t half bad either. A nice simple illustration job of some weird dude and a collection of stuff. It was great for the 5seconds it was there, until the board talked, I listened, and we set about scraping the crap out of it with a few frontboards and tailslides, which it loved as much as I did.

And with a team that includes Brian Brown, Rob Gonzalez and Danny Montoya, Listen definitely are worth checking out and letting your feet graced my it’s woody goodness.