Lakai x Earl Sweatshirt Camby shoe collab


The dudes at Lakai have worked on a collab shoe with Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt over the last few months that look to be released in the Spring 2014. His friendship with upcoming Lakai rider Nakel Smith is the link that made this collab come together and by the looks of their end product, the hard work from both sides is second to none.

They’ve chosen the Camby, a chiller that was a major hit for Lakai this year and verified by many as an simple and easy shoe to hang with after a session. Taking Odd Future’s iconic ‘Doughnut’ graphic, two of these will drop in all-canvas colours for ‘on the stage’ use and two all-suede colours for ‘on the board’ use by Earl’s request

Have a sneak peak from next year’s run of shoes and get hyped on what skater owned brands are doing for your scene. 2014 cannot come soon enough.

If you want more on Earl, our friends at Clash just interviewed him here.