Skateboarding Product Reviews

Lakai MJ Chocolate Anchor shoe


Lakai have issued a new bunch of rad shoes under their Anchor editions program this month, limited only to those skate shops that have been there for the brand since day one who have helped shape their local skate scene.

These Marc Johnson x Chocolate Anchor specials are indeed, special. Last year Lakai sent us his KOTR model that became the only skate shoe I could really trust to help save my heels. This year, they have taken a good look at that model and decided to trim a centimetre or so off the width, which works a treat. These thinner versions also come with the Griffin sole that was definitely one of the highlights of last summer.

The fact that Lakai are thinking how they can improve shoes for us to skate in and progressing successfully at the same time can only be good for us all in the long run. These look sick, feel ready to skate straight out of the box and although limited, worth appeciating and then stocking up on. Stores such as Parlour, Note, Scene and others have them in the UK and they retail at about £60. Oh, and they come with a free pair of Chocolate sunglasses too, nice touch.