Skateboarding Product Reviews

Lakai – Carroll 4 Mid

I know what you are thinking as you look at this image – “what the fuck!”.

But hold the next line as these are the most comfy shoes i have worn in ages, like pillows to keep your heel bruises with smiles on their smug faces! Well goodbye suckers cos i ain’t riding without these even if they look like they just flew out of a gay Miami slumber party!

Seriously, i opened the box and was almost sick, but it was my birthday, slipped them on and you know what – “it’s my party and i do what i want to, pizza face” because these may be big shoes and i don’t usually float a mid-top, but they pack em, if you know what i mean. Summer is round the corner in this town and i will be wearing these at every slumber party AND even at the skatepark at lunch times, so suck my oil.

By the way, have you seen the Lakai trailer for Fully Flared yet?* No? What kind of droid are you?

*hint to visit their website….

Chuck Bangers