Skateboarding Product Reviews

Krooked Dan Drehobl 8.1″

The first time I saw this board, like most of Krooked’s back catalogue of graphics, it had a pleasing effect on my eyes. The second time I saw this board it twas under my feet having me considering if I had really messed with my 7.76″ equilibrium! I’ve never ridden a rig this wide, boy she’s a big’un!

Within minuets of riding this slugger, I knew that variety IS the spice of life. A not too aggressive concave twined with rather mellow nose and tail makes this deck carve like a dream and not shy of any flip-pokery. Initially the 31.2″ length made my eyes water a little, but even this remedied within minutes, in fact anything shorter, with this width would be like riding a plate!

This is the first Krooked board I’ve had the pleasure to ride, and believe me I’m not a man to use the word pleasure often. With a hand full of very sketchy, misplaced footed landings and not a single stress crack or quibble in sight. I will be a repeat customer.

Ultimately, this board is a great all-rounder, particularly good at slashing all them sexy new concrete parks popping up all over, and simultaneously satisfying both the ‘grip it n rip it’ and ‘I think this ones going on the wall, so when guests come round it may just spark off some conversation other than the appalling summer were amidst rant’ camps.

‘Get it straight, ride Krooked’

Robin Hayes