Skateboarding Product Reviews

Karma 54mm Wheels

Karma have sprouted another quality product in the form of bright fucking green wheels that stand out and stand strong!

The Karma tree has a reputation for producing plain clothes cops that do the job, and well, these rollers are no exception.

54mm is generally the preferred wheel size. Small enough for manual heads to get the flip in/flip out shit on lock, but just the right size for a cheeky powerslide when blagging some finesse. These are built to tame the ghetto streets of our homelands, which are still showing no sign of recovering from concrete acne.

Equipped with these and you’re as safe as Batman with his utility belt, soaring over cracks effortlessly leaving your lesser mortal friends sweating behind you while you cruise along ahead. I ain’t shitting you on this!

I won’t lie to you; I like a cheeky powerslide as much as the next Sergio Yuppie impersonator. And in England, the poor wheels are subject to the roughest form of torture when scraped against grit and jagged slabs of pavement bombing down your local San Fran wannabe. Unfortunately for these, I bomb hills like the USA bombs countries, but these wheels have withstood more than Hiroshima can claim. Not a flatspot in sight. Bo!

Overall, another gem from the Karma heads. Don’t even consider overlooking them especially as you can pick them up afrom your local skater owned shop for £20.00!

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Joe Moynihan