Skateboarding Product Reviews

Jason Adams – Enjoi Deck

Jason Adams is an inspiring individual and rules on a plank. He still has the mad ability to execute gnarlers like he did back in the 90’s, doesn’t blow his own trumpet and portraits skateboarding in a fun manner…RESPECT!

Then my 8.25″ of Resin-7 constructed wood arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement and hit the streets straight away. She’s a beast in many peoples opinion, but too perfect in so many ways.

In past experiences I’ve found enjoi boards to be rather skinny and quite concaved, but my flavour has matured a bit since then and this beauty is as flat as they come. The shape is amazing and the board is super stable/comfortable.

Tail and Nose have a mellow lift, with the tail being slightly shorter in length. It’s still a pretty fresh plank (4 weeks), but it’s retained it’s pop excellently and still stands strong like it did on day one.

I’ve managed to chip the nose, but my board did fly off a 30 ft drop into a car park, so that’s pretty self explanatory! The graphic sports a six gun shooter on a pink background, a replica to Billy the Kid, whom never shot blanks either…SKILLS.

It’s a great ride and Jason Adams rocks it fast and gnarly!!!