Skateboarding Product Reviews

Ipath Standard Rinse Jean

There’s only so much you can say about a pair of Jeans, so I’ve racked up as much information as possible for the “dedicated followers of fashion”.

First off, these have a simple design and are very comfortable…super comfortable actually! The waist is pretty low and they sit nice and relaxed around your middle. No creeping up your belly or dropping off your ass, they fit well! The legs are 100% straight and have enough room for movement. They seem to be a relaxed fit, not Boulala (drain piped), nor Penny (baggy). They remind me of 501’s really, with a slightly wider opening at the bottom. They come button flied and sport the usual 5-pocket regime, with a cute I-path logo embroidered on each bum-cheek for the OG Look!

They are extremely lightweight with 55%/45% cotton-denim running together. These are perfect for the up and coming summer, trust me, it’s like skating in cords! Only thing is, they don’t rip like cords. I recently attended my aunts wedding and ran across the room, sliding on my knees for most of the evening and they haven’t ripped at all, nor have they gone white like my previous playground ones. They are bang on and I am really impressed by them!

These were designed for the summer, so go and get your sweats on…